Patient 16

1.5 Years Post OP

This lovely lady wanted to enhance her figure with a flatter tummy, reduce back fat (back rolls), and achieve a smaller waist and curvier hips.

With the passing of time and multiple pregnancies, her abdomen became more stretched and loose. The abdominal wall musculature also became lax, protruding forward and making her look bigger and rounder. Her hips were also bothering her with hip dips that seemed to get deeper and deeper with age and some weight gain.

Dr. Rojas performed VASER LIPO 360 and an ABDOMINOPLASTY (TUMMY TUCK) to get rid of excess skin and fat. To add symmetry and volume, Dr. Rojas grafted/transferred 300cc of the harvested fat into each hip dip.

Just look at her results. She looks amazing! Her 6 months and 1.5 years of transformation showcase how these surgeries can be very powerful and transformative in the lives of our patients. When the patient adheres to a healthy lifestyle, the changes stay and get even better!

*This patient has given Dr. Rojas consent to use her photos and permission to appear on his website and social media pages. Do not copy or reproduce these photos without prior authorization.