What is Male Tummy Tuck treatment?

Although most commonly recognized as a procedure for female patients, this is a misconception as the tummy tuck is a procedure for BOTH male and female patients.
When a man undergoes significant weight loss, it’s very likely that he will have loose skin that hangs off his lower abdomen / torso. The goal with the male tummy tuck is to remove the excess skin on a man’s body and give the patient a more flat and toned look.
Dr. Yoel Rojas goal is to produce a natural look with minimal scarring. We want to elevate the level of definition for a more toned appearance, therefore we often implement a comprehensive approach that incorporates several techniques and procedures, like high definition lipo, skin tightening, and fat grafting to achieve jaw-dropping results.



What is the cost of Male Tummy Tuck?

The cost of a male tummy tuck varies based on the procedure’s complexity, surgeon’s experience, geographic location, and additional fees for anesthesia and facility usage. Discuss these factors thoroughly during your consultation.