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Revision Tummy Tuck: How to Fix a Failed Abdominoplasty

  • Post published:August 15, 2023

So you have gone through the anticipation, the surgical procedure, and the recovery period, only to find results that fall short of your expectations. Does that sound like your own experience?

It’s frustrating, disheartening, and frankly, it happens. Whether it’s uneven contours, persistent sagging, excessive scarring, or simply not achieving the flat tummy you envisioned, a failed tummy tuck can leave you seeking answers. But you’re not alone. Dr. Rojas has helped several patients find happiness and satisfaction again in their tummy tuck procedure. 

What is a Revision Tummy Tuck?

A revision tummy tuck is a surgical procedure performed to address issues or concerns that have arisen following a previous abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery. While the initial tummy tuck aims to remove excess skin, tighten muscles, and create a firmer abdominal contour, there are instances where the results may not meet your expectations or complications might occur.

When is a Revision Tummy Tuck Necessary?

If you find yourself looking in the mirror and not loving what you see – whether it’s due to asymmetry, a less-than-optimal scar, or skin that just won’t cooperate – it might be time to consider revision surgery. Furthermore, if you’re experiencing complications after the initial surgery, such as persistent discomfort or unsatisfactory healing, a revision might be in order.

Revision Tummy Tuck Procedure

The revision tummy tuck procedure is unique to each patient, with a customized plan addressing your specific concerns like uneven scars or sagging. Dr. Rojas may suggest scar revision techniques or muscle repair based on your needs. Personalization is key, ensuring your results are tailored to your aspirations.

During recovery, you’ll encounter a familiar phase, but this time, there might be variations. Dr. Rojas will guide you through post-operative instructions, which could differ from your initial recovery. Patience is essential, as healing takes time. However, the positive side is that a successful revision is likely to align more closely with your goals.

Every Tummy Tuck Failure Can Be Prevented By Choosing the Right Surgeon 

Here’s a fact – the quality of results of every plastic surgery procedure relies on the skill, experience, and artistry of your surgeon. In the same manner, every tummy tuck failure can be avoided when you invest time and effort in finding a surgeon who ticks all the right boxes like Dr. Rojas.

Dr. Rojas is a master of body contouring surgery, including revision tummy tuck. He’s helped patients move on from their past unsatisfactory tummy tuck procedures with a more defined and sculpted body. If you’re not convinced, check out the beautiful before and after photos below. 

Revision Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos

This is the 6-month follow-up visit for this beautiful patient. This lady is in her late 40s and looks like she just arrived in her 20s.

She came to Dr. Rojas 6 months ago wanting better abdominal contour, a smaller waist, and overall better abdominal muscle definition. She had a history of a tummy tuck in the past but she felt the artistry in that surgery was minimal as it “just” made her look “flatter” on her tummy, but the key anatomical lines and that “snatched look” were not there.

Dr. Rojas was able to create a beautiful change with HD Vaser Liposuction 360 combined with Renuvion Jplasma. He also revised her old tummy tuck scar to lower it and gain additional tightness. Her waist is now enhanced and the abdomen looks flat and well-toned and defined! 

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