What is a breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure done to reduce the size of very large and heavy breasts to alleviate various symptoms that cause pain and affect activities of daily life.

Who is a good candidate for a breast reduction?

You are a good candidate for breast reduction if you have very large, oversized breasts that cause symptoms including:

■ Neck, back and shoulder pain
■ Rashes and irritation under the breasts
■ Pain and discomfort that interferes with your activities of daily living, such as exercise, walking, working

How is a breast reduction performed?

A breast reduction is done in our surgery center under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Incisions are made to remove skin and fat excess, reposition the breast tissue to a higher position and the areola is repositioned and may be reduced in size. Dr. Rojas will recommend the best type of incision for your body depending on your breast tissue, skin excess and desired goals. The incisions are meticulously placed in order to reduce the appearance of scars.

Recovery and Aftercare

Expectations after your surgery with Dr. Rojas will include carefully monitoring your progress postoperatively at your follow up appointments. Patients will be given a prescription for pain medications, antibiotics and other vitamins which will help with your recovery process. You will wake up from the procedure in a recovery suite wearing a surgical bra. Our amazing staff will monitor you postoperatively until you are ready to be picked up by a family member or friend.

Breast reductions are very common procedures, but every surgery has its risks. Risks include some asymmetry, loss of nipple sensation, delayed wound healing, and hypertrophic/keloid scarring. Postoperative follow up appointments will be important to reduce the risk of longer recovery time or developing complications, as well as monitoring your progress.

Will there be loss of nipple sensation?

Patients experience a temporary loss of sensation or numbness after breast augmentation surgery. The majority of patients have this issue resolved within one year of the surgery date.



What is the cost of Breast Reduction?

The cost of breast reduction surgery varies based on the procedure’s complexity, the surgeon’s experience, the geographic location, and additional fees for anesthesia and facility services. Discuss all these elements during your consultation to get a comprehensive understanding of the total cost.